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24 Day Weight Loss Challenge Is On!!

Me my beautiful wife at the beach.

Me my beautiful wife at the beach.







I always look so forward to summer.  It’s by far my favorite time of year.  I have not been keeping up with my blog post very well because my family and I have been enjoying summer to the max.  We live in the Pacific Northwest.  For those of you who have never been here sorry for you!  We live in one the most amazing places in the world.  This summer we camped at the beach twice and spent a week in the Central Oregon Cascades.  Central Oregon Cascades is as far as I am concerned paradice!  Next month I plan to sit on the rim of Mt Saint Helens again!  This picture was us sitting on the rim of Saint Helens last year.  Thats’ me with the green bandana.




Now is the time!  Time for the 24 Day Weigth Loss Challenge!!!

We are getting ready to start the 24 Day Weight Loss Challenge and we want to invite you to join with us!!  This is not just about losing weight it is also about building lean muscle and getting healthier and have more energy!!  It is not some fad or something I just made up it’s real and there is a structured plan!  This plan was developed by a world class company with proven track record.  Join us now and you could win a months supply of free product!

Here are the instuctions to enter.

1. Enter your email in the banner at right.  You will also receive a free copy of my ebook as a free gift.

2. Click on the link below to get the products needed.

24Day Challenge

3. Before you start take you measurements and a photo of yourself.  Also record your weight.  This is for your reference only.  I will not ask for it…but you may be so blown away by your results you may want to share it!  This data will be important to track your progress.






Lose 30 Lbs in 90 Days!

skinny and fat women

  • What is your current situation right now? List all your eating habits, food preferences, everything that could affect your weight loss. Working out, etc
  • What is the reason you want to lose weight? This could be an upcoming event, summer, or even for a certain special someone. List the single BIGGEST reason you can think of.
  •   What are the benefits you get from your weight loss? List AS MANY as you can. It can be health, better energy, admired by partner, etc. This should be your main motivator.
  • Your Goal. “I want to lose 30 lbs of weight in 90 days” - Write this in bold and make it really sink in. I would personally say that setting a goal of more than 10 lbs per 2 weeks is not realistic, especially if this is your first attempt at a goal like this. Be realistic. You must write “I want” not “I wish”Write everything down and look at that paper every day. Put it in a place where you can see it. Once you see it every day, you will constantly be reminded of WHY you do this and what the benefits are.


If you see yourself making excuses rather than STARTING a diet that is effective, you should think about why you don’t really want to lose weight. You must be able to step out of your comfort zone and as Nike’s famous slogan goes JUST DO IT!

The final step would be maintenance. You need to keep the momentum going that you have in the action stage. If at anytime you lose your commitment or support, then you would fall back to any of the previous stages.

So the final stage is the most important stage in your diet plan as you need to keep your commitment going for a long period of time. There are several methods you can use to keep being committed. First is to make a list about the reason why are you doing this in the first place. Look at the list daily to remind you of your goals. Do not have negative thoughts in your mind. Words like “never” or “depriving” should not be in your vocabulary. Rather than saying “never”, you are just having desserts “occasionally and in moderation”. And so the word “deprived” can be replaced with the word “choosing” as you choose to skip chocolate cakes.

Visualize in your mind your future slim self doing all the things that you always wanted to do. This visualization will strengthen your motivation to commit to this plan and be the desire to succeed. Do this visualization daily, every time you wake up and anytime of the day you feel your commitment is weakening.


How Stacy From Detroit Lost 70 LBS!



Stacy’s story;  At 209 pounds, I was always tired and slept all the time. I found out about Herbalife® products from my family. I’d been able to take some weight off before, but it would always come back.

We started eating healthier and exercising four to six days a week. One of the most challenging aspects was just getting into the new routine, but as soon as we started getting active and detoxing from junk food, we started feeling better.

Stacy was faced with the dilema that many people face is an effective way to lose weight that will be long lasting.  So many times we want to change and lose weight but it is so hard.  We try this program or that one but nothing really gets the results we want and need.

The first step is to decide to really make a change.  It’s hard to change and it’s equally hard to find a solution that is sustainable.  Stacy like so many of us tried and failed many times.  In many cases we end up worse off because we gain back more than we lost and worse we get more and more discouraged.

That can all change today.  Make the decision to take action today.  Don’t put it off your future health depends on it!  I am here to help.  Subscibe to this blog by filling out you contact information in the banner.  First you will receive at absolutely no cost my e-book “Fat Combat System The Way to Lose Fat and Start Getting Lean”.  Second I will get you the information on a proven program to start losing that weight!