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How I Iost weight without starving.

John Lunsford

Up until I was in my mid thirties I could mostly eat anything I wanted and really did not gain weight. Although I noticed every few years I would gain a few pounds I was not concerned. Then when forty hit that all changed. I started gaining weight at an alarming rate. This was a real concern for me because when my dad hit forty he got obese and came down with diabetes. By his mid-fifties he had a quadruple bypass and his kidneys failed and had to take a medical retirement. He spent the last years of his life living from dialysis to dialysis a miserable existence. He only made it to sixty six when he succumbed to the many effects of diabetes. Seeing him go that way was rough. Talk about a low quality of life. I want to be healthy when I retire so I can do all the things I want to do, travel, explore this amazing country and the world as well as spend time with friends and family. Some thing had to change. I did not want to go on some fad diet. It had to be something sustainable and I wasn’t going to feel starved! When I started this I was at 215 lbs. Now a few months latter I am at 190. Now my weight is not so much the goal, as I am working out regularly so I have gained some muscle mass so my waist is shrinking while my weight loss has slowed. I have had to purchase new cloths and occasionally when I wear my old clothes they are baggy. Then I noticed something that was completely unexpected. I had not been sick at all! I work in close proximity to my co-workers and have noticed a resistance to the colds and flu that they contract. This last year there was some nasty colds and flu go around at work. I cashed out a bunch of sick days and used the money to purchase a flat screen T.V. and some other things. The products I use are from a well established company that is well know for their high quality natural products. I would love to help you get healthier and reach your goals.